We are happy to invite you attend the 3rd Edition of Gene and Cell Therapy Virtual Conference (GCT- Virtual) will be conducted over two days on July 09-10, 2024 as per the CET- Central European Time. GCT-Virtual Conference brings together top-notch experts, innovators, clinicians and students across the globe to showcase groundbreaking research, disseminate practical insights into the curative roles of Gene and Cell therapy (GCT) in improving patients’ lives, as well as its impact for industrial development in Europe and beyond.

This GCT-virtual conference focuses on the advances being made in cell and gene therapies which have rapidly become an integral and vital component of modern medicine. The event brings together over 40+ invited talks both from academia and industry and delegates from companies of the cell & gene therapy research & Development. It will provide a platform for leading biopharma and biotech leaders, academicians and researchers to discuss topics on emerging advances in the field of cell and gene therapy, the regenerative potential of stem cells, application of T- cells and Cart-T in the field of immunology, oncology, novel gene-editing tools and delivery methods, vector development, regulatory approaches, ethical considerations and more.

Catch the latest Gene and Cell therapy development in current times. From current best R&D practices to advancing towards manufacturing and commercialization from most-exclusive case studies to industry's key needs. All this and more under 1 roof.

Benefits of attending this conference

  • Discover how CAR-T application is prompting cancer treatment
  • Understand the ethical considerations and challenges that surrounds Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Find out the new technologies that boost advancements in this field
  • Explore latest gene editing and delivery tools as well as technologies
  • Learn more about the use of IPSc, MSc and DSc in disease therapy
  • Get the latest update on vector design and development

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We look forward to extending you a warm welcome for GCT-Virtual.

With Warm Regards,

GCT-Virtual Meeting Secretariat